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JETA Corporation is a Native American Woman-Owned business. Therefore, it is no surprise for JETA Corporation to support the American Horse School Students and Staff who were victims of a hate crime and racial discrimination at the Rush Hockey Game on January 24, 2015. The group of middle school students made a two-hour bus trip from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to a Rapid City Rush hockey game. The school outing was a reward for academic achievement; but the group left the game in the third period when some men sitting above them in a corporate box began to pour beer on, and shout racial slurs at, the parents and students. To support American Horse School and denounce hate crimes, Jeta Corporation donated funds and purchased t-shirts.

JETA SUPPORTS AMERICAN HORSE SCHOOL jeta* Please note not all employees are shown in this photo – third from the left is CEO/Owner, Linda Grow

There are over 60 nationalities in this world; and crimes motivated by prejudice due to nationality occur all over the world. Respect and equal rights for all are necessary foundations to any stable society.

60 Nationalities = one world =





JETA Corporation is pleased to announce it has joined forces with the STARS Alliance. JETA Corporation, in participating and contracting with the STARS Alliance team, is able to focus on improving overall performance for our nuclear/energy customers, while also benefitting them with lower costs. JETA actively supports supply chain sustainability through participation with its STARS Alliance partners, and provides value by improving and advancing sustainable business practices for all major categories of electric utility purchases, with a commitment to supplier diversity. Reliability, dedication, knowledge of the industry, and impeccable customer service is what makes JETA stand out.



IN FOCUS – “All Things Energy”

jeta-articleNeenah-based JETA grows to $20 million supplier of industrial tools

In the past 10 years, JETA Corporation of Neenah has come a long way economically and geographically while trekking the country to distribute energy- related tools to industrial businesses large and small.
Linda Grow, president and CEO,
founded the company in 2004. She
says that the company’s decision to
provide tools for energy companies
has been important to JETA
Corporation’s success.
“We started as a distribution channel,
and we decided to focus ourselves more on the energy channel, which is fossil
fuel plants, nuclear sites,” Grow says, “It goes in many, many different directions. When I say ‘energy channel,’ I thought: ‘What is always going to be around?’ People need energy, whether we’re in a depression time, or whether we’re in a successful time. So that’s where we focus ourselves, and it’s been a good fit for us.” Continue Reading….

JETA’s Online Store Goes Live!

buybrowseJETA Corporation is excited to announce that our Business to Business Online Store is now live!

JETA Corporation’s business to business (B2B) store front provides our customers with a faster and easier way to do business with our company.

Our store is B2B and is exclusive to current JETA Customers. If you are a current JETA customer, once you receive your account information, you’ll be able to sign into the B2B site and make your daily, weekly or monthly purchases.

Contact JETA today to setup your account. Upon account setup, you will be provided with your username, password, and a link to the store. Don’t miss the opportunity to make quick and easy purchases online at your convenience!

JETA Corporation – WBE of the Month, October 2012

Linda Grow - CEO, JETA CorporationLinda Grow was very fortunate to be involved with the distribution of welding, safety; maintenance, repair & operations (MRO) and tools for much of her life, and this experience led her to see a gap in the industry that could be filled.  To find success in the tools distribution industry, explains Linda, a business owner must understand the demand placed on facility maintenance and construction projects, especially those issued by the U.S. Dept. of Energy (DOE) and Dept. of Defense (DOD).   She felt the industry needed the fresh perspective of a Women/Minority/Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (WBE/MBE/DBE).  As a result, in 2004, Linda began JETA Corporation, a Wisconsin-based, Native American/Woman-owned company that supplies tools to the energy, construction and industrial markets.

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From Rags to Riches, Sault Tribe Member Became Owner of a Multi-Million Dollar Company

Linda Grow, Owner and CEO of JETA Corporation, was recently featured in an article “From Rags to Riches, Sault Tribe Member Became the Owner of a Multi-Million Dollar Company” by Brenda Austin.

This story first appeared in Win Awenen Nisitotung, the official the newspaper for the Sault Tribe of Chippewa Indians.  After its initial publication, the website Native Strength reposted this story on their website.

“From Rags to Riches,” outlines Mrs. Grow’s upbringing in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan; the development of JETA Corporation; JETA Corporation’s current outlook; and Mrs. Grow’s vision for the company in the future.

We invite you to read the article and learn more about JETA Corporation’s foundation.  For your reading pleasure, we have posted a copy of the story below.  You may also read the story by following the link to the story on the Native Strength website, or clicking here for a PDF version.

From Rags to Riches, Sault Tribe Member Became the Owner of a Multi-Million Dollar Company

by Brenda Austin

Linda Grow was born in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, and grew up in the west end of the city, graduating from Sault Area High School in 1962. She is a member of the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians and remembers as a young adult how poverty-stricken other Native families were during the ’70s and on into the ’80s.

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