JETA Corporation provides integrated support to our nuclear power plant customers’ procurement of electrical supplies, instrument and controls, MRO, PPE and many other non-safety related materials to multiple plants. Our experience working directly with procurement and obsolescence engineering is beneficial in understanding the unique needs of supply chain for the nuclear power industry.

Our team thoroughly reviews terms, certifications, testing requirements, MFG date codes and other special requirements when obtaining price and delivery lead times. We identify part number changes and communicate with manufacturers tech support learning what has changed such as specs, performance, materials or if the change is administrative only. If an approved material is obsolete, we search for new surplus material. Locating surplus material avoids the cost of plant engineering to evaluate new or replacement part numbers for approved materials saving the plant time and money which is a value-added service provided by JETA.

JETA receives a large percentage of our material orders to our warehouses where we inspect for accuracy, damage, count verification and confirm order clauses and certs are met. We assemble large kit orders and label with customer PO numbers and internal material codes for accurate, efficient goods receipts at the plant. JETA outage support and order expediting are value added services we provide our nuclear customers with 24/7 support during maintenance outages resulting in locating and coordinating delivery of emergent materials quickly. Our team is well experienced in working with manufacturers, subcontractors, material suppliers and logistics companies to ensure best possible delivery while communicating with plant buyers, project managers and receiving. We maintain an open orders report for all orders with accurate delivery date status including tracking numbers and any changes which is a nice tool for power plant buyers to keep their system accurate with up to date info. We send these order reports to plant buyers weekly and daily during outage support as needed.

One of the many invaluable services that JETA Corporation offers is the addition of an onsite Procurement Specialist to oversee VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory). Procurement professionals, based on requirements can be onsite and available 24/7 to respond to issues surrounding material needs, minimize follow-up, reduce hassle factors and instill confidence that JETA will meet or exceed expectations.

Through structured logistics and distribution practices, the Procurement Specialist assures that the right person will have the correct items before the need arises with as little hand-off as possible, specifically during scheduled outages. Everything is designed to make your job easier – managing tool rooms, processing emergent orders, and locating hard-to-find or obsolete materials.

JETA has served customers nationwide and offers solution-based services designed to meet the unique needs of our customers as the business relationship develops.

This is not a full list of the companies we work with – if you are looking for something specific and do not see it below, please give us a call!

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